METALS WORKS Przedsiębiorstwo Produkcyjne i Handlowo-Hurtowe Stanisław Malek




Production and commercial-wholesale enterprise METALS WORKS Stanislaw Malek was created at 25th of February 1975.

Beginning of our bisness was modest, we dealt with metal processing services and manufactured small metal products. The years go, thanks to proper management and investments in company development, production abilities increased multiply. We have created new big production plant in Bytów, at 12 Miastecka street. Then we have rise emloyment and actually we give employment for 95 workers and 15 students for practice.


Primary branch is manufacturing of metal products like:

  • Metal containers
  • Agricultural trailers
  • Spare parts for agricultural machines

96 procents of our products we sell to Holland and Germany. Ours foreign contracting parties are satisfied with cooperaion with us, which is great for 9 years.

Because cooperation with contracting parties, we modernize our fleet and introduce modern technologies.